Fifth Grade Presents Historical Wax Museum

History Brought to Life with Historical Wax Museum
This is the image for the news article titled History Brought to Life with Historical Wax MuseumMrs. Perkins had her fifth grade students bring history to life through a Live Wax Museum exhibit on Friday, June 7, 2019.
Each student was able to pick a historical figure to reenact. The students researched their person, created a poster board with detailed life facts, and dressed up as their person. 
 When observers walked by them, their poster had a "button" for them to push. Upon pushing the button, the "historical figure" talked about his/her life, battles, achievements, family, hardships, and life span.
It was very creative and a wonderful way for the students to learn about the past and to share their knowledge with others.
 A HUGE Thank You to Mrs. Perkins and all her hard work with the students and for engaging her students in a new way to learn.