OHS Robotics Team 7250 bring home the Trophy!

Team 7250 Wins Bots on the Bay with Team Rush And Team Alpena!
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On Saturday, November 3rd, history was made. The rookies, OsCODEa 0W|5, Team 7250, won their first robotics event in Alpena. The journey was long and rough. The day started with uncertainty, with the team suffering 4 losses early on, placing them in 23rd out of 24. This was new to the Owls, considering the success they have had at previous competitions. “We had lost a few games, but we still had hope and faith in our team.” said Zachary Stepp, drive coach for the team. They then began the climb, playing with the same determination they had when they played in states. The next 3 matches were upsets in the Owls’ favor. This shot them back up the ladder, landing in 14th, where they gradually leveled out at 12th. Then came the shock.

During alliance selection, the top 8 teams at competition select 2 other teams to join them and compete in the tournament round Finals. The Owls were shocked and grateful when the number 1 seed, Team Rush, selected them to join their alliance as the first pick. The Owls graciously accepted the offer, shook hands, and began strategizing alongside Team Rush and Alpena’s third team, who was selected as the third team in the alliance, for their chance at the trophy. First stop was quarterfinals. The best of 3 series ahead of them was their first sight. Everyone could feel the excitement and strive for victory that the Owls had, easily securing a victory against the number 8 seed alliance in the first and second games. The semi finals were a bit closer, this time against seed number 4. The series ended 2 wins to 1 for the Owls, advancing them on to the finals. Finally, the finals were a stomp. The number 1 seeded alliance(that’s us) against number 2 seeded alliance. The number 1 alliance took the series 2-0 with ease. The Owls, alongside their alliance team members, took the victory and brought the championship trophy home. A shocking yet exciting event and journey for the young Owls team, but a very important one. The event taught them to never give up, even if they’re at the bottom of the ladder. They’ll just climb back up and strive for the success they need to win.

“Everybody from the drive team controlling the robot to the mechanics keeping it together to the rest of the team in the stands cheering us on did a fantastic job and we hope to see more trophies and banners in the future. Be sure to join us for Destination: Deep Space in March!” - Jana Stepp, Team 7250 Coach.