Science Olympiad

Saturday the Oscoda HS Science Olympiad Team placed 4th in competition at Alpena Community College.  Nine of the twelve students were in their first year of competition.  

Makayen Blazier was our sole Freshman and she had a strong showing in About Time, Ornithology, and Green Generation.
Other successful students were:
Vanessa Moore and Keira Alger a 2nd place in Ping Pong Parachute and 3rd in Environmental Chemistry
Stephanie Oakes and Stanely Merwin had a 3rd in Chemistry and 3rd in Codebusters
Gavin Van-Y and Korey Thomas had 3rd  in Astronomy and 3rd in Dynamic Planet
Jon Langley and Ben Morgan placed  3rd with their Bridge
Tyler Sheffer and Parker Boughner place 3rd in Anatomy and Physiology
Kennedy Scott place 3rd in Codebusters and had an excellent showing with the best plane we can remember in Wright Stuff

All the students represented Oscoda well and if  you see any of these students congratulate them on a job well done.