Vision: Students First

Mission Statement: The mission of Oscoda Area Schools (OAS), through partnership with the home and community, is to deliver comprehensive and challenging learning experiences, preparing all students to become productive, responsible members of society.

OAS Five Pillars

Objective of Continuous Strategic Planning: The objective of continuous planning is to develop a centralized location where each program that is furnished through OAS can describe what is displayed now and what ambitions we have for the future for each of our unique programs. Through transparently proclaiming our goals and outlining processes to achieve these objectives in Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely means (SMART Goals), it is the intent of OAS to establish a system of continuity and collaboration that efficiently and effectively embraces the ideals of Plan-Do-Check-Act. The completion of this strategic planning process will never be fully recognized as improvement must be afforded the opportunity to adapt as the diverse needs of our stakeholders will evolve with time.