Title IX Coordinators

Oscoda Area Schools has identified the following staff members as designated Title IX Coordinators. If you become aware of any sex-based discrimination including, but not limited to Sexual Harassment, please contact either party listed below. All Board employees who has independent knowledge of or recieves a report invovling allegations of sex-based discrimination and/or Sexual Harassment must notify the Title IX Coordinators within two (2) days of learning the information or receiving the report. Only the designated Title IX Coordinators are permitted to make determinations regarding the need for formal investigation.

Michael P. Barnhart

District General Manager

3550 East River Road

Oscoda, MI 48750



Chelsey Butterson

Coordinator of Payroll, Benefits, and Retirement

3550 East River Road

Oscoda, MI 48750



Title IX Forms

In order to standardize the process for reporting allegations of sex-based discrimination or Sexual Harassment, Oscoda Area Schools provides the following standard forms for use.

Title IX Formal Complaint Form -This form should be used when submitting an allegation of sex-based discrimination or Sexual Harassment. While inital allegations do not require the use of this form, upon notification of an allegation and request to proceed with a formal complaint the Title IX Coordinators will work with identified parties to ensure this form is properly completed and submitted prior to the commencement of a formal investigation.

Title IX Documentation of Supportive Measures - This form will be used to document any supportive measures discussed between the Title IX Coordinators and the parties to a formal complaint.

Title IX Investigation Checklist -The Investigation Checklist will be used by the Title IX Coordinators to ensure all relevant details and pieces of information are included in the final investigation report arising from a Formal Complaint and Investigation.

Title IX Record Retention Procedures - The Title IX Record Retention Procedures provides an overview of the types of records that will be retained by the district, including length of retention, following the conclusion of a formal Title IX Complaint and Investigation.

Policy # 2260 - Nondiscrimination of the Basis of Sex in Education Programs or Activities (Title IX Policy) - Policy # 2260, informally referred to as the district's Title IX Policy, outlines the edicts issued by the Board of Education as well as the process for conducting Title IX Investigations in order to remain compliant with applicable rules, regulations, and laws.

Title IX Training

The following are provided for reference with permission of the copyright holders. All Title IX Coordinators, Investigators, Decision Makers, and Appeals Decision Makers are required to complete the Comprehensive Title IX Training Program, linked below. In addition, all District Staff receive Title IX Awareness Training.

Title IX Comprehensive Training Title IX Awareness Training