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Oscoda Area Schools in Oscoda, Michigan, provide you with a public education school for K-12 students.

Partners in Learning
We at Oscoda Area Schools firmly believe that everyone can learn and contribute, and that all employees and volunteers at our public education school are partners in learning.

Respect is a Key Ingredient
Everyone should have respect for self and others. Community support and involvement are essential to the success of our school. Families share in the responsibilities of educating their children.


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Ms.  Mallak Retires after 31 Years of Service at OHS

After 31 years of serving the students, parents, staff and community of Oscoda - it is bitter sweet to walk out the door of Oscoda High School on my last day here. Over the years I have very much enjoyed serving in the various capacities I have had here at OHS from School Secretary to Junior Class Advisor, SADD Advisor, Student Council Advisor, Game Manager and even one year as Athletic Director!

In all of those jobs, the very best part was meeting all the people that have walked the halls and through the doors! My own children laugh that I have over 1600 friends on Facebook. But honestly, I could triple that amount when I think about the number of people that have gone through here in the last 31 years! When I turned in my retirement letter, I calculated that I have worked with at least 5 Superintendent's, 8 Principals, 7 Assistant Principals, and 9 Athletic Directors. In addition, I'm sure there must be at least 400 teachers, secretaries, para-professionals, custodial and maintenance crew members, bus drivers, "kitchen ladies", school nurses, Technology Specialists, and many more that I've worked with that I can also add in that mix. If I take an average of the graduating classes, I'm guessing that there have been about 3720 graduates I've come in contact with in these 31 years and that doesn't include their parents I've come to know as well. Now add in all the others too like the underclassmen, community agency people, sales persons and local community members all who work and who assist us at school, I know that during these years here I have to have met over 10,000 people all because of the opportunity to serve in the job I have had here at Oscoda Area High School.

I have such amazing memories of starting events at OHS like Fall Homecoming Tailgate parties with Skydivers delivering the game ball, Mr. Macho Guy Pageants, Fashion Shows with Students as models, Black Light Pep Rallies, first time @ Student Council State Convention , Mock Disasters with Full County Response Teams, and so much more!

I know my life would never have been so full if it weren't for those who I have been able to be involved with here at OHS. So in closing, to those students who I will not meet because I've chosen to retire, I just say this....enjoy every moment you have in school. They are some of the best days you will ever have! You might not always think so now...but someday you will realize they truly are! So, LEARN everything you can from EVERYONE you can! Your parents, your teachers, every person you come in contact with! Every person can teach you something! It might not be just something out of a book....it might be how to be kind to someone. It might be how to fix something. It might be how to make something or draw something, or see something a little different. But EVERY "Something" you learn will make YOU a better person - I know that because that is what I have learned in all these years!

I just hope that somehow I have made a difference in the lives of those who I have come in contact with, because I know they certainly have made a difference in mine!

Thank you everyone...Til we meet again!

Ms. Mallak


Summer Science Camps for Students 

"Some of you may be interested in summer camp opportunities. I wanted to share the links to U of M summer camps and MSU summer camps with you. The confidence and experience gained through these summer programs may be very valuable to give you exposure to a University campus, University setting, and an experience away from home in a safe environment.

Check out the links and see what is available. If you have difficulty navigating through either site, please let me know. I have spent a bit of time searching sites to provide opportunities to my own children. I want to share those opportunities with you as well." Mr. Berenkowski

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This foundation has been doing many wonderful things with our school district and its students.  This foundation was formed in 1992 by a group of volunteers who wanted to maximize every existing educational oppourtunity for Oscoda Area School students and staff as well as create some new ones.  Click here to check out their website to see what opporunities are available.  You can also email questions to  oaseducationfoundation@gmail.com.

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 The mission of the Oscoda Area School District—through partnership with the home and community—is to deliver comprehensive and challenging learning experiences, preparing all students to become productive, responsible members of society.

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